This last year I was trained in the SimplyHealed™ Method of Energy work and I am currently working on my certifications.

What is SimplyHealed™?

SimplyHealed™  is a graceful way to clear your energy and be able to live your dreams.  Simply put, just like when toy train tracks get dirty and cause the train to loose its connection to the power source, our personal energy field collects debris that can cause us not to run at peak efficiency.

Using the cutting edge technique of Carolyn Coopers SimplyHealed™ method, I can help to “clean up your tracks” and energetically remove the barriers in your life that holding you back, letting your move forward on the path to accomplishing your dreams.

You may be wondering how does this help me with my website?  It is simple really, often we bring all sorts of false beliefs and emotional baggage to project that keep us from getting clear and achieving our goals. A SimplyHealed™ session can help you to clear out these barriers that are holding you back, and raise your energy and the energy of your project to the next level.

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Use the coupon code “Simplyhealed” to get a $60 Discount on sessions while I am completing my certification requirements.