Test your site for Mobile Readiness.

This week I was asked several times about the new Google changes.

It is true that Google has again made changes to their search ratings system.  🙁


The simple explanation is that now sites that aren’t mobile friendly get a lower search ranking.

The good news is that most WordPress themes are mobile friendly.

You can check to see if a page on your site is mobile friendly by using the link below.

Google Mobile Friendly Test.


Redirect Pages from your site

If you have ever needed to redirect a page on you site to a different URL ( web address)  there are many ways to accomplish this.

Today I am going to introduce a great wordpress plugin that can help you with this task and make it really easy.

The plug-in is called Speedy Page Redirect

Once installed on your site. It adds a redirect box at the bottom of your page in the edit mode, were you can enter the URL that you want people coming to your page to be redirected to.

speedy page redirect

So if you need to redirect a page on your site to a sign-up form, or a calendar or some other type of link.

This is the plug-in for you.


Graphics for your site and videos

I was recently introduced to a great little free graphics site.

They have tons of free silhouette type graphics that can be used on your sites.

I have been using some of their floral and transportation ones.

Check them out at:




How to add Social Icons to Your Site Header

Today, while I was working on a client site, I needed to add some social media icons to the header, and a side bar area.

After testing many of the numerous plug-ins, that  are available for accomplishing this task, I found  Lightweight Social Icons to be just the solution that was needed.


The plugin was simple to install.

Just go to the add new plugin from the wordpress dashboard and search for Lightweight Social Icons and click install

Using the plugin

The plugin installs a widget in your widget area.

Simply add the widget to the widget area you want the icons to appear in. ( In this case the theme that is being used has a header right widget area. )

Once you have located the widget where you would like it, It is pretty easy to use, and full of many features.

You can select the size of the icons, the background and text color and the hover colors.

To add the social media links you simply select the site from a drop down box and then enter the url in.

light weight social Icons


Below is a snapshot of what icons look like at the top of the site in the header.

social Icons 2

You can also use the this plugin to add these icons to a sidebar or a footer widgetized area.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure
  • Able to display where ever you have a widget box to put it in.


  • None that I have found so far.



Evernote is a great tool that allows you to keep track of everything in your life in an easy to find location



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